About Mark

A little background on me… Since the late 1990s, I’ve worked in some form of communication, whether graphic design, writing, editing, web design, photography, advertising, or something else like that. Prior to that, I spent 13 years as a touring musician and staff songwriter in Nashville. Those were my “Don’t Have a Real Job” years.

In 2011, Holly and I jumped off the Diabetes Express in an attempt to lead a healthier lifestyle.  We cut out sodas, fast food, and related crap-ola and began doing Crossfit.  We lost 50 pounds apiece, among many other improbable milestones.  In Jan. 2014, we became distributors of Advocare, an awesome company that produces high-end nutritional supplements and is helping our family become healthier.

I live in Kingston Springs, Tenn., with my wife, Holly — a Crossfit “fire-breather” and director of the Tennessee Office for Refugees — and children Sam, 15 Ava, 14, and Pete, 9, all of whom are just plain goofy like their dad.

In one of my many weird brushes with fame, here I am playing Witchy Woman on the 1996 broadcast of the Miss Texas USA pageant in South Padre Island. Twenty years later, it seems kind of cheesy, but at the time, it was pretty neat.