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The Top 10 Reasons I Might Not Work Out Today

People have all kinds of excuses for not working out. I mean, there are thousands of them, take your pick. They are usually weak, baseless, transparent, laughable, and just plain ol’ lame. In fact, I wrote a blog about them a while back. (Read it here, but wait until you’re done with this one.) I, however, have VALID REASONS, not excuses, for maybe not working out today. These are sound,... read more

Running up hill: A guest blog

By guest contributor, Rob Rowland (thanks so much, Rob!) Member: CrossFit Wangaratta, Northeast Victoria, Australia Just finished the 400 metre jog, into some push ups, a few body weight squats and finish with some sit ups, need a drink, sweating a fair bit, hands on my knees bent over gasping for air (see photo). I tell myself “it will be ok, you won’t die”. Thank God the warm up is... read more

For God’s sake, stop the madness!

This past Saturday morning, Holly and I set up our folding camp chairs at our little town’s beautiful city park to watch our 7-year-old’s soccer game.  We arrived a little late, so we had to situate ourselves a couple rows back from the sideline.  This afforded us a view of all of the spectators, mostly parents and grandparents. During the periods when Pete was out of the game, I found myself... read more

Seventy-seven? No way.

When I began writing this blog two years ago, my only objective was to provide myself an outlet to write whatever I felt like.  It was certainly not to provide a source of inspiration to people, but somehow, that’s what’s been happening. But most of this inspiration hasn’t been coming from me.  It’s coming from YOU.  I regularly receive comments that make me think, laugh, cry, or... read more

My Top 9 Ironclad Tips for Tough Mudder Virgins

I became aware of the Tough Mudder a few years ago after discovering Crossfit and completing a couple of Warrior Dashes.  In case you’ve never heard of the Tough Mudder, it’s a 10- to 12-mile mud and obstacle run, infamous for being one of the most difficult of all the wildly popular mud runs out there these days.  (Feel free to debate this distinction in the comments section.)  For a couple of years, it... read more

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