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My Top 10 Christmas Traditions

Christmas is my favorite time of year for a variety of reasons. I love the music, the TV shows and movies, the general feeling of good will, and all that other gooey stuff. However, it may be the family traditions surrounding Christmas that make it so … Christmasy. If you look at them from an objective perspective, most traditions are meaningless. But the meaning WE attach to them is all that really... read more

The Top 10 Reasons I Might Not Work Out Today

People have all kinds of excuses for not working out. I mean, there are thousands of them, take your pick. They are usually weak, baseless, transparent, laughable, and just plain ol’ lame. In fact, I wrote a blog about them a while back. (Read it here, but wait until you’re done with this one.) I, however, have VALID REASONS, not excuses, for maybe not working out today. These are sound,... read more

The Top 9 Best Things About Being Gainfully Unemployed

Back in August, I left my full-time communications job for greener pastures. At the time, I wasn’t certain what those greener pastures might look like, only that they would be greener, whether by a better annual salary, a more fulfilling job, or literally access to a pasture that has been properly fertilized and irrigated, and therefore greener. (Don’t scoff at this. Browner pastures are no fun at all —... read more

The Top 9 Tips/Observations of a Disney First-Timer

On Feb. 21, 2016, my family embarked on an earth-shattering, mind-bending, week-long, first-time-ever vacation at the Happiest Place on Earth: Disney World. It is now about a week and a half since we returned, and I’m writing the blog that I promised myself I would write. It has taken me this long to wrap my head around everything. Kind of. First, a little bit of context. Our kids are 15 (Sam), 14... read more

The Top 8 Reasons why Christmas in the ’70s was Awesome

It’s no surprise that people tend to view the decade of their childhood as the best. As kids, we look at the world with innocence and wonder through formative eyes that are focused mostly on the good things in the world rather than the bad. The popular culture of the day is what helps form us into the adult we later become. Every decade, therefore, is somebody’s favorite and rightly so. All... read more

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