Interview with a semicolon | Tom Gething re: reading

Semicolons are odd things.  I’m fairly certain I use them correctly, but when I do, they almost always get edited out of my prose.  I suspect a prejudice exists against semicolons; Editors are confused by them and therefore don’t use them.  (Some grumpy editor will read that last sentence and tell me I should’ve used a period instead.  See?  Grumpy!  My blog, sorry.)

Check out this very clever and funny blog about the much-maligned and neglected semicolon:  Interview with a semicolon | Tom Gething re: reading.

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3 Responses to “Interview with a semicolon | Tom Gething re: reading”

  1. Joe says:

    I’ve had editors perform semicolonoscopies on sentences. And I told them to put everything back, just as they found it. Tone-deaf dunderheads.

    To strike a piece of punctuation is akin to saying there’s no need for subtle changes in the tempo of music, no need to temper breath when you’re playing a woodwind, no use for subtle shifts in tension when you’re touching guitar strings. Punctuation is the start-stop-stutter that helps us shape the sound.

    Semicolon included.

  2. awritesmart says:

    Joe, could you please craft elegant responses like this for all of my posts? (It makes me look good, somehow.)

  3. Ernest Beal says:

    Nice post! Thanks for sharing.

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