Of all the gall!

Last weekend, Sam was out riding his bike in the cul-de-sac and driveway.  Suddenly, he burst in the front door and ran up to me, obviously distressed.

“Dad!” he said.  “Guess what!?”
“What, Sam, What?  Slow down and catch your breath.”
“Okay,” he said, gulping air. “I was out riding my bike and this lady drove past and looked me right in my eyes and littered in our yard!  I mean, she looked at me right in my eyes and threw trash in our yard!”
Of course I was shocked and angry.  Who would be so incredibly classless in front of an innocent 7-year-old?  
“What did she throw out?” I asked, ready to run jump in the truck and chase her down.
“I’ll go get it,” Sam said and ran out.  A few seconds later, he came back in the house and held up the litter.  “See??”
He was holding the Sunday paper.
I couldn’t make that up.
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2 Responses to “Of all the gall!”

  1. Funny. And nice new template.

  2. MarkEJohnson says:

    Thanks, Dennis. The other template didn’t look right on a mobile phone. I’ll tweak until I give up and get WordPress…

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