What does THAT mean?

Mt. Lemon, Tucson, AZ.

Why the title, “A Write Smart”?
In the Appalachian Mountains, the phrase “a right smart” is an expression of quantity rather than intelligence. It means “a lot.”  Examples:  “How much corn has Erlie got this year?  Oh, he’s got a right smart.”  
In my life, I’ve got a right smart going on, too.  I’m a writer, editor, photographer, speaker, songwriter, and musician.  I’m a health “nut” (yes, I eat a right smart of nuts) and a runner and Crossfitter.  I travel across Tennessee to gather stories about farmers and rural people, and I’m writing a novel.  Oh, and then there are those three kids…  
So, “A Write Smart” is not only about writing (did I mention that?), but it’s about all this other madness, as well.  Dig?

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