Writing — a perfect storm of risks.

Hemingway at work.

This blog concerns itself with many different subjects, from exercise to photography to music to faith.  But mainly, it focuses on writing.  Whether or not the subject is about writing, what you find here is expressed through a writer’s (slightly skewed) view of the world.

Being a writer is an interesting state of existence.  Your thoughts — whether well organized or not — are laid bare for all to see and judge.  This isn’t necessarily the case with, say, a dental assistant or a hardware salesman.  Their thoughts are generally known only to their friends and loved ones.  But a writer has the gall to believe that their humble ramblings may actually inform, entertain, or influence a total stranger in some way, and that our method of delivery will be elegant and profound.

We’re usually wrong.  Much of what we write is nonsense.  Hogwash!

But writers keep opening up yet another blank Word document.  We can’t help it.  It’s an illness.  We’re gluttons for punishment.  If we weren’t reckless risk-takers, we’d go be accountants, where the world is orderly and operates in the blacks and whites of cold, objective formulas and rules.  Numbers leave no room for debate.  A five is a five.

A they’re, however, is not necessarily a they’re.  It may also be a their or a there.  A which may be a witch.  An effect may, in fact, be an affect.

Working simultaneously with words and thoughts can create a perfect storm of risks within which a writer may take in water and capsize at any moment.

But that’s OK.  Because it’s so danged much fun.

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One Response to “Writing — a perfect storm of risks.”

  1. It is fun, in the same way skydiving is fun . . .

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